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My name is Eddie Cala
I am a Front End Developer based in Sydney, Australia.

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Web technologies are ever evolving!

And that's why I love what I do! As a front-end developer I have experienced shifts into the ever improving methods of web development, from building the once upon a time simple GIF animated <table> layout web page, journeying into XHTML, then now the responsive, RESTful AJAX web applications. I also enjoy the opportunity of adapting to different back-end web technologies, whether it be PHP or .NET.












Adobe Suite

Business Catalyst


Codeigniter 3

My Work


Involved in the development and maintenence of a project management and document sharing tool for construction projects. Also implemented several functionalities in the upcoming new cloud version which will superscede the original with its speed and brand new user interface. The new system consists of an API REST type structure, which will allow clients to access the system with their own software if required. The current frontend is developed with AngularJS

Telstra Business Awards / Telstra Business Women's Awards

Participated in a project which involved rolling over existing Telstra websites to the SilverStripe platform. This consisted of overhauling the mark up to allow for the additional feature of mobile / tablet responsiveness, while replicating functionality in both the backend in terms of handling content, and the frontend such as carousels, banners, and video.

Incept Labs

Implemented the new mobile responsive website for the Sydney think tank Organisation. The new website was built from the ground up on top of the Adobe Business Catalyst CMS platform.

Hewlett Packard Australia

Produced Email Campaign Templates, and product landing pages for upcoming notebook and tablet product. The development involved the requirment of following their in-depth style guide specifications regarding color, spacing, and custom fonts.


Start up e-commerce website listing automobiles for sale, with additional social network functionality and features that gives the competitive edge over other car listing websites. Personal contribution of AngularJS functionality on the initial stages of the revised system.

Canon Australia & New Zealand

Provided service and dedication to front-end accuracy to the high traffic public facing pages driven in ASP/C#.NET and Sitecore CMS. Campaign project involvment included Pixma, Photo5 competition, World of EOS, Photo Pico, Seconds With photographer biographies, and various product landing pages.

Wiseberry Real Estate

Maintained and developed the in-house proprietary CRM software that gave the competitive edge towards the entire real estate agent population working within the franchise. This specialised PHP driven software automated housekeeping tasks which included tracking property sales, tracking contacts, automated propect lists and event calendar. For the management it provided a repository for accumulating sales statistics, and historic property prices, which is useful for making business decisions.